Devyn (devmo) wrote in monsterswap,

Evil Bunnies

After hearing about the many problems during the last swap, some of the experiments contained in the monster bank managed to escape.
The Twins (Projects #03mb008a and #03mb008b) planned the occurence. Note that plans to weaken their power by separation into two beings have failed. Ninja (Project #03mb004) was the muscle in the operation and used his overwhelming sneakiness to gain access to Central Control. Zombie (Project #03mb001) quite willingly dispatched many members of the security force when she drank their noggin juices. Though he appears to be more interested in showing off his cape than doing any actual harm, Dracula (Project #03mb005) is a known danger.
Escapees made attempts at destroying their records, but were unsuccessful. Please use recovered file photos when identifying Projects.
Please advise all staff to upgrade home and work security features.

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