Devyn (devmo) wrote in monsterswap,

October/November Swap Open

Registration Open
Open for Registration: Today, 18th October
Registration Closes: 31st October
Posting Deadline: 14th November

Monsterswap is still without a website, which means that we can't be all fancy and let you sign in and register for swaps (or view your swap information or update swap status...) but I'm willing to go ahead with the swap if you all are :] But to keep things simple (and because this is a busy season for many a crafter) this swap will be for just one monster each.
If you want to participate in the October/November swap, please send an email to with the following information: lj user name, real name, address, and whether or not you are willing to ship a monster to an international swapper.

Additionally, I never heard back about the following swaps (this was the status before the website expired), so if you could email or leave a comment regarding their arrival - or lack of - that would be wonderfully helpful
taurusm59 to parsnippity
scarletdecay to citrine
scarletdecay to carbonish
ginnski to scarletdecay
circusavatar to scarletdecay
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