Devyn (devmo) wrote in monsterswap,

Monster Swap Plans!!

We're trying to get everything geared up here for our next round of monster swapping. I just fixed up the community layout (some small issues with Firefox, but nothing bad) to be nice and clean and a little bit funky and magical, because that's what all the wonderful monsters out there make me think of.
We're still without a website, so if anyone has the ability to host us and our little bit of code, please send an email to Otherwise the swap will run old school style -registration by email and swap assignments by hand. macabre_grrl made a great suggestion recently that I plan to implement in the next round. All participating members of a swap will receive email updates/reminders during the swap.
I'm also looking for ways to make people more motivated to participate in several swaps.
How do you feel about theme swaps? There is also the possibility of contests in some fashion so that the "best" monster wins a prize. If you'd be interested in themes or contests, what sort of themes should we use? what would be a reasonable prize for a contest?
And most of all--- what can the community do to make you more excited about swapping?
Thanks to you all for so many wonderful swaps! And here's hoping for even better ones in the future!
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