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Monster Swap


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Welcome to Monster Swap!
...registration is now open...

2006 Swap Dates
Jan/Feb- Registration Jan 17-30, Post Feb 14
March/April- Registration March 18-April 2, Post April 14
May/June- Registration May 18-31, Post June 14 SWAP CANCELLED
July/Aug- Registration July 18-31, Post Aug 24
Oct/Nov- Registration Oct 18-31, Post Nov 14

Q. What is a monster swap?
A. A monster swap is where a bunch of people make little plush monster figures and exchange them for the monsters other people made.

Q. How do you make the monsters?
A. The easiest way to make a monster would be to take a piece of fabric, cut it in half, and stack the halves on top of each other. Draw a blobby shape on the fabric, and cut through both layers to get two pieces the same. Sew (or glue) the two pieces together and stuff with cotton or other squishy stuff (scraps of yarn or cloth work well). Decorate your monster however you want- with buttons, paints, or whatever else you could think of.
There is a picture gallery of some of the monsters that have been swapped in the past. click here to view the gallery

Q. How big should the monsters be?
A. Small, but not too small. Somewhere in the range of 4-6" is good, give or take a little.

Q. How do I participate?
A. First, join this community. It's a good idea if you put it on your friends list, in order to keep up with deadlines. Second, look in the recent entries and see if you've missed the join deadline for the current swap. If you haven't, go ahead and follow the directions in the post to join. (If you have missed the deadline, just wait until next month to get in on it.) After registration closes, you'll be able to sign onto the website and find a list of people you're swapping with.. Make a monster for each of the people on your list and put it in the mail no later than the deadline. You should receive the number of monsters you sent out within the next few weeks.

Q. How many monsters do I send out?
A. We a currently trialing a new system where you can choose if you wish to send out 1, 2 or 3 monsters, and receive the same number in return.

Q. Can I promote my community in monsterswap?
A. Only if it is somehow related to monsters, swapping, making plushies, snail mail, ect. Also, please keep promotions to a minimum.

The community moderators are atygir and devmo. Please feel free to e-mail us any questions, comments or suggestions via monsterswap@gmail.com

LAYOUT INFORMATION: Original layout codes by reversescollide, modified by monster lovers. Banner image features art by Roberto Galvez.